Rezon Da Dawn is shaping up to have a very busy year.  Coming directly from the man himself, he plans on dropping 4 projects in 2016.  The first of these four projects is #TWIO (The Wait Is Over), a good introduction from Rezon as a bar heavy emcee in the city.  

#TWIO is a mixtape in the actual sense of a mixtape, familiar beats and songs with Rezon’s original rhymes.  Even spitting over R&B tracks the mixtape shows the versatility and ability to weave between beats from the 90’s, 2000s to recent singles (ie. his rendition of “Awesome”).  From having opportunities to speak with Rezon as well as other members from his camp, I can hear the hunger in the way he speaks of turning his music along with his DJ Melodic into more than just mixtapes. This hunger proves to be the catalyst for him being an aggressive emcee as shown in his Freestyle from our podcast, which actually was cut short (he kept rapping even without an instrumental). 

A very proper introduction to the RVA hip hop scene, I’m anxious to hear him over original production (he does make beats too), lets see what the rest of 2016 will have in store for the upstart.  Check out the site RezonDaDawn.com and take a listen to #TWIO and check out the video for TWIO as well…Richmond, pay attention to Rezon Da Dawn and DJ Melodic, HipHop is fine. #WeSeeIt  – Hip Hop Henry is the Senior Contributor to The Cheats Movement Blog – Co-Founder of The Cheats Movement Podcast – Co-Host of The Listening Party. 

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