WITH THE LATEST NEWS from the city’s voter registrar that five candidates who filed to run for Richmond mayor have been disqualified from appearing on the November ballot due to the failure to collect the required number of signatures from qualified, registered voters, the official field is down to eight. It may get moved up to nine if Farid Alan Schintzius can get back on the ballot. It was reported that he was seven short, and stated he was going to do all he could to get back in the race. So for those who are counting, here is the official list and the second-ever Cheats Movement Candidate Tier Rankings.

But before the latest tier rankings, here are a few random notes for those really following the Mayor’s race closely:

  1. Follow Mark Robinson from Richmond Magazine on twitter. His field notes are witty and informative. Sometimes the comedy writes itself but he has a great approach to the coverage of the mayor’s race. His twitter is: @_MarkRobinson
  2. RVA Coffee Stain/Church Hill People News: Meet the Candidates is one of the best things of this election cycle. It’s hilarious and pretty truthful. Great work Doug and John.
  3. is really going to be missed during this election. I’m sure Ross and Susan will figure out a way to add their voice to this election cycle but I still find myself going to the site trying to find new information.
  4. Money Matters (but how much?): If you haven’t heard, former Secretary of the Commonwealth Levar Stoney reported over 300K in his first reporting period for the Mayor race. He dominated the rest of the field. My first thought when I heard this information was: good for him – get your money. But then I started to wonder how much this number really matters in a local election. I’m certain it matters a lot but local elections are won and lose on the ground…right? I hope that aspect of local politics doesn’t change.

So based off of all the knowledge I have…which is very little and because no one asked me…here is the second-ever CHEATS MOVEMENT MAYOR RACE TIER RANKINGS: 

Tier I – Golden State Warrior Status (regular season champs)    

  • Levar Stoney: Levar is running strong financially and staying engaged with community events. It remains to be seen if Levar can galvanize all of Richmond but his core group of supporters are motivated.
  • Jack Berry: The former executive director of Venture Richmond has actually surprised more than a few folks in my circle with his work ethic on the campaign trail.
  • Joe Morrissey: This may not be conventional wisdom but it’s that of mine (and my Cheats Movement Blog friends), Joe Morrissey is running strong in his base areas (East End/South Richmond) but can he get the majority 5 of 9 needed on election day?

Tier II – OKC Thunder Status (still trying to find their way) 

  • Jon Baliles: Does he have a true path to victory? We have a long way to November but I’d love to know how he gets into the top tier. If you know tell me.
  • Michelle Mosby: The self-proclaim “Google Queen” is fighting and has some strong community activists on her side. She will need to overcome the same 5 out of 9 questions that I wonder about Morrissey. And of course, she will have to overcome Morrissey working hard at her base demographic.

Tier III – Sixers status 

  • Bruce Tyler
  • Lawrence Williams
  • Bobby “BJ” Junes 

Am I right with my tier rankings or am I way off base? Let me know by adding your own rankings and comments in the comment section. The Cheats Movement Blog will continue to look at this race very closing as we move in to the November election. YOU can always email me/the blog at: Stay tuned for the next edition of our community round table series: The Table. #WESEEIT

Photo by RVA Coffee Stain – Courtesy of Church Hill People News

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