THE RICHMOND ELECTION BOARD denied the appeals of Alan Schintzius, candidate for mayor, and Ricky L. Johnson, candidate for school board (6th District) to officially set the field for November’s local elections. If you’re not familiar with all the candidates – here is the official list.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Those noted with an asterisk are incumbents.


Jonathan T. Baliles, John F. “Jack” Berry, Bobby J. “BJ” Junes, Joseph D. Morrissey, Michelle R. Mosby, Levar Stoney, Bruce W. Tyler and Lawrence Williams

City Council: 

1st: Andreas Addison, Jonathan Cruise and Harry Warner

2nd: Charlie Diradour, Kimberly Gray and Rebecca Keel

3rd: Milondra Coleman, Dorian Daniels, Hassan Fountain and Chris A. Hilbert*

4th: Timothy Grimes, Kristen Larson, Larry Olanrewaju, Jeffrey Burke Thomas and Johnny Walker

5th: Parker C. Agelasto*, Montigue Magruder and Garrett Sawyer

6th: Donald Moss and Ellen F. Robertson*

7th: Cynthia I. Newbille* and Joshua Williams

8th: Amelia Lightner and Reva M. Trammell*

9th: Leon Benjamin, Michael Jones, Germika Pegram and Marcus Squires

School Board: 

1st: J.E. Dawson Boyer* and Elizabeth Doerr

2nd: James Scott Barlow and Mariah White

3rd: Jeffrey Bourne*, Jesse Perry and Kevin Starlings

4th: Barrett Hardiman, Irvine Reaves, Sean Maurice Smith and Jonathan Young

5th: Patrick Sapini and Mamie Taylor*

6th: Felicia Dionne Cosby and Shonda Harris-Muhammed*

7th: Kirsten Gray, Nadine Marsh-Carter, Jaynell Pittman-Shaw and Rick Tatnall

8th: Dawn Page, Tia Redd and Christopher Woody

9th: Linda Owen


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