Destiny Da Chef released “Da Prequel” a new video directed by Mr. GoodEvening & Domino Phillips. The video is an emotional journey that tracks the evolution of the artists. It displays different levels of Destiny, the hot spitta and the storyteller. This video tells just part of her story but it’s a story that she wants to tell to help others heal. Too many young girls go through detrimental family drama at the hands of their loved ones. Destiny wants those young ladies to know that they are not alone and that they can come out of it stronger.

Destiny is making some major moves with Billion Dollar Market. She’s planning a move to ATL this month and be on the lookout for her in an upcoming edition of Hip-Hop Weekly.

According to her video bio: “Da Prequel is taking you on an emotional journey of what you know of me currently…and also telling the story of how and why I became the woman I am today. This short film was not created in order to gain sympathy but to gain understanding. I want us to not only grow together but heal together… I am not only the voice for myself I am the voice for anyone who has or is broken but wants to Heal. Hear Us: Stories From the Struggle…These are OUR Stories!”

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