Thank You for showing me that people still do have some sort of opinion in music when it comes to a popular artist and not just screaming somethings a “classic” after hearing only the intro (Jay-Z, Bey, Kanye fans I’m looking at y’all).  After what felt like a hundred years since Channel Orange dropped, and then completely teasing the world a couple weeks ago with the non-release of Boys Don’t Cry, brother Ocean came back strong with Endless and then dropped the Blond bomb on the world and everyone was happy….until they heard the album.

This is why I’m thanking Frank, because it’s been a good minute since I saw this much back and forth over an album, both praises and disappointment.  I’ve heard everything from “worth the wait” to “snooze fest” to “good” to the album being straight up “wack.”  My personal opinion is that the album is decent, there’s a few parts in the middle that didn’t move me, but the highlights are dope and Andre 3000s verse was mean! It’s put together well and not a bunch of different songs thrown together like The Life Of Pablo, there is a definite cohesive vibe and feel throughout, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your musical pallet. For some you would like a change in direction during an album, throw in an uptempo (see: club banger) track to break the monotony.  You won’t get that here.

With his previous albums Frank gave you pure R&B, songs and subjects that we all could easy breakdown and digest. This time around – however – left us scratching our heads a little once we got to the end of the album, what did we just hear? How do I feel about this record?

I’d like to say that Blond is a “situation album.”  By situation album I mean that over these years between albums Mr. Ocean has been through some things that changed him, his music, and the message being put out, if you listen to the lyrics or feel the vibe and you can relate to either then you will love this album, if you come into the album expecting  Channel Orange 2 or back to Nostalgia Ultra then you will be sorely, sorely mistaken.  When you come across a situation album you have to understand you will not be able to compare it to any other piece of work that was done previously, so please don’t try to. And if you still don’t quite comprehend what I mean right now about the “situation album” then substitute The name Frank with Kendrick and Blond with TPAB, you feel me?

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