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Mutant academy has done it again!

Hip hop goes through phases and trends the same way a person goes
through clothes, eventually they’ll outgrow some things and other
things that was once cool are now wack and played out.  I wrote a
piece about the future of hip hop and where I believed it was headed
and seeing and hearing the trends of younger rappers I said the only
thing hip hop can do is go back to the basics: the MC. And when you
think of MCs in RVA, Mutant Academy should come to mind, next up from
the camp to drop a project is Henny L.O. with his new album

The subject matter takes a turn from his last project Carrie On
addressing loss in his family, this time around Henny is speaking on
his own vices (“KasumiChinChin”) and also the state of RVA as well
(“Heading Out”).  But don’t get it twisted the beats and rhymes that
we have come to know from anyone from mutant academy  is very much
prevalent (see “Cobden Court”). Production handled by Sycho Sid
(producer for past pick of the week “Remy, Coke & Diamonds”), Hajino &
the academy as well.

Viberayshuns  is a very solid contribution to the RVA scene and
definitely deserves a listen If you’re in need of some 2016 head nod
hip hop then look no need to look any further. #weseeit

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