In a world where Republicans are backtracking from “Repeal and Replace” to “Just Repeal” and on the verge of having to actually work with the other side…and Arrah Kelly is accused of being a sexual something or other again; this “Mike Vick says Colin Kaepernick should cut his hair” story has slipped by me.

Until now.

If you haven’t heard the story:

Now my first thought was pretty extreme. It went along with the idea that Vick was acting like a sellout. Ok actually worse words than ‘sellout’ came to mind, but cooler heads have prevailed.

Let’s remember where Vick is coming from here though. Dude has been through the ringer for committing a felony. Not even a felony.

Multiple felonies.

And he went to a real life prison for those actions.

Yet somehow by the grace of God, with the guidance of Tony Dungy, and through the compassion of Andy Reid; this man, who was (and still is by many) vilified for his role in the brutal murder and abuse of animals, was allowed back into the club that made him a household name and raised his tax bracket.

The NFL.

But in order to get back into said club, Vick had to make some concessions. From his look to his words to his surroundings to the people he interacted with on a daily, Michael Vick had to present himself in a new light.

And he has done that to the point where he is invited to speak on television and share his opinions.

So his advice to what Colin Kaepernick should do in order to have a better chance at getting back on an NFL roster comes from that place.

I don’t think he’s a sellout or any of those other words that crossed my mind. Instead, I think that he is simply misguided. Misguided to the point of sounding ignorant. And on the topic of risking a life, limb and livelihood for the greater good, Vick is just that.


Oh and shoutout to NFLer Chris Long for consistently speaking out on inequalities that are obvious to some but others pretend don’t exist.

We can get into the whole idea of Kaep not being good enough at a later date. But for now, let me just leave you with this:

In a league filled with a past of alleged murderers, rapists, domestic abusers, illegal drug users, and even folks who’ve been convicted of involuntarily ending another person’s life, folks have the audacity to want to control a man who hasn’t committed a crime.

Let that sink in.


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