Earlier this year Mutant Academy’s Fly Anakin & Koncept Jack$on dropped their long-awaited full-length album, Chapel Drive (which was very dope indeed). If you’re familiar with the crew then you know that they are always working and the most recent project to drop is Fly Anakin’s People Like Us. This go around Anakin gives you a project where the beats and rhymes formula is still there, however, the theme of the album has a harder tone. The sound is less lo-fi but still knocks; for anyone who isn’t familiar with the RVA production scene and doesn’t understand the SP-303 or 404 sound, please use this as a springboard (production includes RVA’s own DJ Harrison & Ohbliv, who are on Stones Throw Records & Fat Beats respects). Clocking in at 20 minutes, you should give this project multiple plays a day, I was going to include personal favorites but honestly, I have a statement to the entire crew….I NEED A 9 MINUTE MUTANT ACADEMY POSSE CUT, stop playing. People Like Us is now streaming everywhere. #WeSeeIt — Review by Senior Contributor and Podcast Co-Founder Hip Hop Henry 

If you’re not familiar with Fly Anakin, here is your chance to meet the young MC that’s moving heavy in the city.

What did you eat for breakfast?
cinnamon toast crunch w/ almond milk & a banana.
How often do you write songs?
honestly, I only write when I feel like it. could be every day if I’m inspired enough, could be one verse for the week. depends on the energy.
Besides write songs, what is the single thing you spend the most time doing?
I’m usually at work most of my time, been trying to balance that and rap as much as I can.  
What is your favorite thing about People Like Us?
The beats, I was more strategic than ever on this project. I wanted it to sound liked the end of the world and I believe I captured that.
Are all people with genius a bit crazy?
All the genius I’ve met along the way usually tell I remind them of their younger self, so I definitely believe that cause I’m crazy.

Describe your first ” meaningful break” in music?
Back in 2014 when I dropped mirrors with fellow mutant ewonee, before that ep I didn’t take myself as serious as I was supposed to. Everything got bigger and bigger afterward but it was definitely the beginning of the end for wack niggas with no substance.
Book or Movie that most influences your style?
I’ve always wanted my music to feel like an old hood movie, i.e. Menace ii Society, Crooklyn, just to name a few, I made it my duty to free minds simply by being myself unapologetically.
The first thing you will buy with “large” royalty check?
Put bread away for bills, some money set aside to buy bud then quit my job and flip that shit somehow.
Tour life or Studio life?
I have never been on tour but I’m sure studio life would be the most beneficial for me, I enjoy creating.
How do you want people to feel when they hear People Like Us?
I want people to feel inspired when they hear this project, I’m only a vessel but I believe I was doing god’s work with the project. I want people to see the growth as well.
Follow Fly Anakin and all of the Mutant Academy. They are ones to watch. People Like Us. is out on every major platform.

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