Back in February at The Cheats Movement Family Gathering, we were blessed to showcase the vibrations of Brooklyn trio Royal Clutch. Toward the end of their performance, the group treated us and gave us a peek into their upcoming project performing their single “Conversations” The song grew a strong reaction from the crowd and left us anxious for what was to come. Comprised of MCs Kos D, Jace and Reese, Royal Clutch is just the latest act to arrive on the scene from an emerging movement in (yes, still) the Mecca of Hip-Hop, New York City. Seeking to bridge the old and new with hard bars and hooks laced with a pseudo-2017 sound, Royal Clutch provides just that in their latest offering. Released in June, their new project How to Say Hello to Insanity finds the group in their pocket, a niche they can perfect going forward. The first track “Dwtwn Playas 96” sets the tone with Primo-like scratches of various samples scattered around the song’s drums and piano loop. Throughout the album, the group talks about the perils and highs of growing up Brooklyn as well as coming of age in 2017. Songs that channel such themes include “Word 2 Tha Blunted Avenjuh”, “Can’t Get No”, and “Peace Be Witchu.” By project’s end, each member serves their purpose and is unabashed in telling their individual stories. However, the album isn’t perfect. Songs like the singing ballad “On My Mind” serve as proof that the group is still going through growing pains disguised as “taking risks.” With that said, a song like “Angels” makes up for the blip and leaves fans encouraged with the direction the group is headed. Safe to say, Royal Clutch is greeting all that’s happened to them just fine. #WESEEIT

Words by MukWrites – Follow him at @MukWrites

Photos from The Cheats Movement Family Gathering 2017

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