What happens when four friends get together to talk Nerd culture over a couple—okay a lot—of beers? You kinda get this show. Join Ty Murdaugh, Lauren Pettera, Aaron Ball and Rich Hernandez each week as they talk comics, anime, movies and conspiracy theories before they pass out drunk on what we like to call: Comic Books & Brews.

Comic Books and Brews: Issue II: Panty Claus Strikes Back

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…
Five friends sat at a table and discussed STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI… The ups… the downs… Leia flying around like Mary Poppins. Snoke going out like Boba and Kylo not being a bitch anymore. There was also beer and cider and some of that Darth Sideous being passed around. This is the review show for TLJ, and the first show of the New Year… May the brews be with you…”

We have a special .5 issue just for the holidays! Special guest RT from the Cheats Movement Podcast comes through to go over the best and the worst of 2017.

It’s the first episode of Comic Books and Brews and its a mess! Get to know Ty, Lauren, Aaron, and Rich as they reveal their backstories while trying to stay sober. There’s comics, movies, anime and Red Sauce… whatever the hell that is…