Welcome to the Cheats Movement Podcast Network. A collection of podcasts hosted by Cheats of The Cheats Movement and other podcasts representing the best in hip-hop, culture, and community. #WESEEIT

The Cheats Movement Podcast Network features:

  • The Cheats Movement Family Podcast: A conversation that intersects hip-hop, culture, and community
  • The Table Podcast: Community leaders come to the table to discuss issues affecting our community.
  • Top Billin’ Hosted by Cheats: an in-depth, one-on-one interview, with dynamic leaders on both the local and national level.
  • Booze and Grooves: Malt Liquor Ingronacne. Comedy and culture.
  • Beastly’s Lounge: Art, music, and culture, the next generation of podcast leadership in VA.
  • Nighttime Maneuvers: Stay up late and rock with Hip Hop Henry and Big Rich on WRIR.
  • Comics and Brews: What happens when four friends get together to talk Nerd culture over a couple—okay a lot—of beers? You kinda get this show. Join Ty Murdaugh, Lauren Pettera, Aaron Ball and Rich Hernandez each week
  • 40 Lessons: Todd Waldo highlights a series of lessons he had learned and their impact on his view of the world.