The original podcast that set it off. The Cheats Movement Family Podcast talks hip-hop, culture, and community at its finest. The brainchild of Cheats and Hip Hop Henry. The podcast went on to include a legendary crew: Big Rich, KB da God, Gigi Broadway, RT, DJ Mentos, and Jess. Molded in the vain of Stretch and Bobbito, the Cheats Movement Family podcast includes some of the dopest freestyles ever recorded by independent artists.  It also includes amazing interviews, heated debates, and a lot of family love. #WESEEIT

The year is over and so is season 2 of The Cheats Movement Podcast. In this episode, we talk the year that was 2017, the best albums and artists of the year, the topics that moved culture such as the domination of black women in everything culture. Our featured guest is the one and only ADHD Bandit B Sounds and we also bring back the “legendary” Cheats Movement Freestyles. This episode has freestyles from Icewater, Rezon, Dell Jones, Noah-O, Fly Anakin, Radio B, J. Slim, and Nuera Ness. The team is in the building: KB, Gigi, RT, Justin – we are joined by DJ Nobe and Brice. We truly appreciate the support you have given us this year. The episode was sponsored by 804RVA. Contact me at: #WESEEIT

This is our 2-year anniversary show and we couldn’t ask for a better guest than Kelli Lemon. Richmond’s (Not RVA’s) girl about town talks about her journey, branding herself, and her new business venture. Also in this episode, Cheats goes one-on-one with Hot 97’s own Peter Rosenberg. The co-host of Ebro in the Morning, host of Real Late, and now a contributor to both the WWE and ESPN, talks about his career, the legendary Juan Epstein Podcast, and the future of culture. Closing out the podcast, we had a quick visit from AGM’s Michael Millions who debuted a brand new track “Water” off his upcoming album Hard to be King. 2 years is a long time – we couldn’t do it without you. We love you and #WESEEIT

This episode got out hand really quick. The storm in Richmond last Friday proved to be a fitting backdrop for our podcast. We talked all things Charlottesville protest with Tony Harris from RVA Mag. We pondered how the violence in Charlottesville would effect Richmond in the coming days. We interviewed T from Stance Socks about his current role at Stance, one of the hottest start-ups in the game and the official sock of the NBA, NFL and MLB. We also chopped it up with him about his time at XXL Magazine and Slam Magazine. We interviewed the homie Octavion X about his current hustle as a manager and talked music and culture with the podcast crew and a ton of special guest. Hip Hop Henry delivered his State of the Union and Gigi threw a chair in disbelief that Cardi B is winning. We are also giving away a gift to you. Go to the Cheats Movement homepage and subscribe to the Cheats Movement for our exclusive free buttons – our gift to you. This podcast is brought to you by 804 RVA. Please check them out – the best coworking spot in Richmond.

We’re back with a special guest, Napoleon Da Legend made it down from NYC to chop it up with the Cheats Movement Family. You may know NDL from his work with NYC legends like Sean Price and Raekwon, or you may know him from his powerful track “Black Privilege” or his projects Steal This Mixtape and Steal This Mixtape Too. Or if you’re like me, you saw him rock Sway in the Morning with Richmond’s own Noah-O. Either way, NDL is not to be played with on the mic and he came through to tell us about his journey. He talks about moving to NYC from the DMV, building a following and his recent successes like Sway and the Essence Festival. It’s a dope conversation. We also touched on the recent reunion between Eric B and Rakim and those clowns that are vandalizing Prodigy’s mural. The team was in full effect. The show is sponsored by 804RVA. #LoveLiveTheHonorable #WESEEIT

We did it Richmond! After nearly two years, we finally got the Heavy Hitter DJ Lonnie B on our podcast. Lonnie is one of the best DJs in the nation and a member of the Heavy Hitter DJs. He also is one of the founders of the Art of Noise, which is the biggest party in RVA for all music lovers. Lonnie chops it up with the podcast crew about his career, his passion for music, his views on the current state of hip-hop, being a father, giving back to the community, and more. This is truly a symbolic episode for us as we’re sitting with a true RVA hip-hop champion, at the top of his game. This episode is brought to you be 804RVA. If you have any questions, hit us at – Please subscribe to this podcast on Itunes and Soundcloud.

Over the 4th of July weekend, the podcast crew welcomed Fuggin Doe to the show. His new project is titled, “The Alaskan ThunderFuck Experiment.” We got into his new record and talked our talk about Jay-Z’s 4:44 among other random things in our culture. The original crew was a bit spread out over the holiday so I called in some reinforcements to join the table. I was joined by crew members: Big Rich, RT, and Jess. And also, Mike Beastly from the Beastly’s Lounge, Brice from WRIR, and Mutant Academy’s Fly Anakin. As mentioned, Doe was our featured artist and joining him was Quan from YFD and Bad News Haskins. It was a dope show for the holiday. And as always, The Cheats Movement Family Podcast is brought to you by 804RVA, one of RVA’s premier co-working spaces. #WESEEIT

Ladies and Gentlemen – The Cheats Movement Podcast crew is back with another dope episode. This episode we talk about Stone Soul, Summer Jam, the 2Pac movie, and we sit down with the hardest working man in RVA hip-hop Black Liq himself. Black Liquid has a new album out titled Anti. We play several tracks from the album and talk his recent performance at Soundset, we talk the culture and his role in bridging the gap within Richmond hip-hop. This is our last podcast before the Oddisee show on June 23rd – tickets still on sale and this podcast is brought to you by 804RVA, the next generation of work – check them out at #WESEEIT

We’re back! And this is one of the best episodes of the year. We have the super-dope lyricist Roy Revolution in the building. He has a new project “Futuristic Flows Golden Age Instrumentals” and he talks that classic hip-hop talk about his position in the game and his thoughts on the Cheats Movement Podcast. Roy doesn’t hold back. We also celebrate the homie RT as he celebrates his birthday. And things get heated when we discuss the Card Against Humanity rap battle. The crew is here: Cheats, Hip Hop Henry, KB the God, Gigi Broadway (All Day), Best of Both Worlds Big Rich, and Jess. We also have Eze in the building the our very own young gunner. This episode is sponsored by 804RVA. Make sure you check out the amazing co-working space on 1657 W. Broad Street. #WESEEIT

This episode of The Cheats Movement Family Podcast features Richmond’s own Ed Da Realist. Join us as we chop it up with Ed about his new album ‘Gift of the Struggle,’ we talk to him about his new web series ‘Ghetto,’ and we learn about his journey as an artist coming out of Central VA. Ed is one of Richmond’s best lyricist. He combines the stories of the streets with the storytelling of a BIG or Pac. His new album is available right now on all major outlets and streaming services. The Podcast family also talks about the Kendrick effect and if there has been a classic hip-hop album release since 2010. The crew is all here: Cheats, Hip-Hop, KB, Big Rich, Gigi and Jess. We’re also joined by the homie Source of the Sports Bar Podcast and Ed’s manager Dot chimes in to – that’s him talking about J. Cole. Check it out and if you need to get in contact with the family: #WESEEIT

We have a very special podcast for you featuring AGM’s own Radio B. This is an exclusive podcast that breaks down Radio’s brand new project ‘Sunday’s Best’. We play every track off the album and talk its content with Radio and his AGM family member Michael Millions. You won’t get this anywhere else and that’s why we say…#WESEEIT Join Cheats, Hip Hop Henry, KB, Big Rich, RT, Gigi Broadway and Jess as we journey through this amazing project and special podcast. Enjoy and subscribe to The Cheats Movement Podcast on Soundcloud and I tunes.

In this brand new episode, recorded live at Brewer’s Cafe in Richmond, VA, the podcast family visits with Dream for Purpose founder Ricky Dreamer. We talk about his brand, faith, and his goal to creatives. The crew also talks about the journey of Rachel Dolezal, LeVar Ball’s crazy ass and all kinds of things that are hitting in the culture. Big Rich disrespects Angie Martinez and DJ Khaeld. KB tries to remember his Wu-Tang rankings, and we ask the questions, What’s more important money or influence. Stay tuned. You can follow the Cheats Movement Podcast on both Soundcloud and Itunes. Make sure you subscribe and leave a review. This show’s playlist includes:
Radio B
John Canada ft. Johnny Ciggs and Reks
Sons of Rothschild ft. Fly Anakin, Koncept Jack$on, and Doof
Michael Millions
The Honorable Sleaze
Big Dev
Northside No

This is a very special episode for the Cheats Movement. For the first time ever, we are podcasting is live on location at the Packed House Tour. S/O Swelly TV for the opportunity. The crew interviewed artists, vendors, brands, you name it – we talked it. And we also talked that talk about new music from Ross, Drake, and Raekwon – which lead us to rank all of the Wu-Tang from top to bottom. Overall, a very fun and informative podcast. Please support these artists and brands. Support and follow The Cheats Movement. Subscribe to the podcast on Itunes and holla at us if we can come to your event or be helpful in any way. We are the pulse of hip-hop culture and community in Richmond.
Interview list:
JayO (DTLR, S.i.c.K. Society Clothing)
Ace & Rich Po (Raw Records)
Ekim & Seneca (KINETICS)
Big No
RouteRunna (Def Jam)
Lamar (ITM) Clothing)
Young Money Yawn
Bonus Interviews: Rotate, VAGotNow, and Weeze, Scisco & Crazy D

Is Richmond big enough for a dope beat battle event? Did Just Blaze and Swizz Beatz battle for love or money? Is Big Rich going to fight the entire staff of CBS6? Those are just some of the questions we take on in this episode of The Cheats Movement Family Hip-Hop Podcast. We talk to our special guest Joey Gallo about his Unplugged show at Gallery 5 and we talk to Swelly TV about his Packed House Show on March 26. Not a lot of music on this episode – but we had a lot to discuss in a short amount of time. Keep sending us your new music – we’ll get it on a podcast soon. Make sure you follow the podcast on Itunes and Soundcloud and share it with anyone in our community that loves hip-hop culture. Leave comments and reviews — and hit me/us anytime on social media. #WESEEIT

Happy Birthday to our very own Queen of the Wave AKA Devil’s Advocate AKA Gigi Broadway…ALL DAY! We celebrate Gigi’s birthday with a great podcast episode featuring our friend iPower92.1’s Cam Cooper (IG: RealCamCooper). The entire team in on deck to talk to Cam about his journey in radio and his food advocacy as we prepare for Black Restaurant Week here in Richmond, starting March 6th. We also talk trash about the NBA All-Star Weekend and some other random stuff. This episode features music from Rocstagis, Intalek, Nosejob w/Fly Anakin & Ahwlee, Cutlass Reid, Supa Soop ft. Tone Redd. Make sure you follow The Cheats Movement on all social media and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. We record the podcast live from Brewer’s Café – Richmond’s best Café shop located at: 1125 Bainbridge Street, RVA #WESEEIT

The Cheats Movement Family Podcast is back for Season 2! Live from Brewer’s Café in Richmond, VA. As we prepare for our first live event of the year (this Saturday night – February 4th – at Gallery 5), the movement family jumps into full swing talking about black celebrities and Trump, the Baptism by Fire battle presented by Southpaw Battle Co., RT’s movie career, DJ Drama’s Gansta Grillz mixtapes, the movie moonlight and more. Our special guest is Ajay Brewer. Entrepreneur and owner of Brewer’s café. It so good to be back. If you’re in the Richmond area, make sure you come out to Gallery 5 Saturday night to rock with us. Doors open at 8 PM. Amazing live performances and a wonderful community. #WESEEIT