I hear those sirens outside, I think it’s going

I’m from Richmond, you probably never heard of me

That’s not really the case for anyone that follows Richmond’s burgeoning hip-hop scene. Most creatives in the capital city have heard of Michael Millions through his critically acclaimed projects Beautiful and Ghost of 20 Dollar Bills. In his latest release “Sirens” Millions travels you through what some locals will call the old Richmond. On the outside Richmond, Virginia is changing but like all things that change there is a history that must be retained and remembered. Millions’ took a few bars to reminisce – yet he brings you into Richmond’s true reality. The vibe of the track and the way he paints the picture with his words takes me back to when I first heard HOV’s “Where I’m From,” you don’t have to be there to be there.

I’m from where the gas stations is the stores

I’m from where the poor still get ignored

“Sirens” is the first single off Millions upcoming album Hard to be King. The track is produced by his AGM brother Nickelus F and the video is directed by emerging MC Young Flexico. The buzz around the upcoming album is setting Millions up for a big 2018. #WESEEIT

Written by CheatsMovement
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