There is only one Cheats Movement — #WESEEIT


His name is Michael

Art is Life

The Passion

The Freshmaker

My Melo My Man

Book em

Litty God

Bars for Breakfast

Finger on the Trigga

Not 1 Way Not 2 Way 3 Way

Bars in the Building

For Serious MCs Only

She caught a body

Bars for Days

Knowledge of Self

The Cadence King of RVA

Cane is the Name

The Beach Built Him

Lethal Injection of Culture

Raise your Fist

Document the Culture

Who Want What

Sweet P….

Hard to be King


Who Got Next?

Soul Man

The Good Side

There is only one…#WESEEIT

Written by CheatsMovement
The intersection of hip-hop culture, politics, and community activity.