Longtime political and cultural critic Mike Muse is bringing his unique and informative style to Sirius XM. I know what you are thinking, Cheats, Isn’t Mike Muse already on Sirius XM, on Sway in the Morning? Yes, he is.  But now he has his own show along with his Sway duties. Mike’s show debuts tomorrow, at 1 PM, that’s Saturday, January 13, 2018, on POTUS (Channel 124).

Episode 1 will focus on Sports x Activism: Sports is the one medium that forces us to examine, as well as suspend, our biases on race, class, gender, identity, and orientation. At the end of the day, all we want is the win and a great bottom-line. But what happens when the win and economics aren’t enough and we are forced to examine difficult social issues? Guests: Anquan Boldin NFL Super Bowl Champion, Enes Kanter NY Knicks Player, and Jocelyn Benson-Executive Director of R.I.S.E (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality). — courtesy of the Mike Muse Show #WESEEIT

Written by CheatsMovement
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