It’s been quite a year for the 30-year-old Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, Dr. Wes Bellamy. He has gone from up-and-coming (but still virtually unknown) local leader to the forefront of national politics. Dr. Bellamy‘s leadership in the removal of two Confederate monuments in his hometown, along with an approximately 4.5 million dollar equity package has made him a lightning rod for both praise and jeers. The August 12th alt-right/neo-nazi/white supremacy rally, which left one person dead and several others injured, still weighs heavy on the community of Charlottesville and resonates throughout our state and country. I sat down with Dr. Bellamy to learn how he was holding up in the midst of this new reality.

How the community of Charlottesville is responding to the tragedy and how allies can help the cause. I also was able to chop it up with Wes about the lighter side of his personality. His love for boxing, hoops, and hip-hop. This podcast was recorded live at Brewer’s Cafe on the southside of Richmond. Brewer’s Cafe is a happening shop and we recorded in the middle of the action. We were not in a studio, so you will hear background noise and the hustle of the day. If you like this podcast, please leave subscribe and leave a comment. The Cheats Movement Blog is at the center of hip-hop culture and community activity in Richmond, VA and beyond. Thank you for your support and feedback. #WESEEIT

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