It hard to describe what Ohbliv means to the production and beat scene in his hometown of Richmond, VA. He is a true treasure and yet, he is still underappreciated in the Cap City.

His extensive body of work has been featured all over the world. He’s released projects with international labels, the legendary Fat Beats imprint, the emerging ThrashFlow, and more. And while a certain spectrum of musicians and die-hard music fans in Richmond hold Ohbliv in the rarefied air that he deserves, like 9th Wonder, who still resides peacefully in North Carolina, Ohbliv is not mobbed at the mall or even at most local hip-hop shows. He’s just Southside Brad with the beats and that is the way he likes it. His latest production¬†track is a theme to SouthsideBrad. #WESEEIT

Written by CheatsMovement
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